Well yesterday lived up to all expectations…crazy, manic, hectic, unreal as I baked a cake then took all the food from the saloon to the apartments, having stopped off on the way to order fish for dinner, pick up extra water and get stuck in what can be described as a wealthy traffic jam of Audis, BMW, Mercedes, Porche etc all wanting to get a market in between where I was leaving, Abbiadori and Porto Cervo! Normally 10 min drive took 40 ! Oh well at the apartments we divided it all up the waters and food and put them in all the apartments and I then went back up to pick up my fish and do some extra shopping hoping that the road was clear, but no! I did not get back to the boat until 2pm throwing together a quick lunch as I had chicken to cook, fish to cook and of course numerous other things to prepare before the owner arrived and we were back on guest mode…

Well today …. dark and cool as I rose to do my Tibetans. My bread for sandwiches arrives a 6.30 am today in the marina so one of the boys is helping me get it and it does give me a chance to get the sandwiches made earlier this time which is great … as we depart from our anchorage and go up to Porto Cervo to pick up the race crew to go and have a training day.

The cake today will be a polenta almond berry cake ! I will get the recipe written down later but at the moment coffee is on the go the fruit needs cutting, the cheese needs slicing and we have to get the tender in the water shortly so it is go go go