Sandwich / panini time !

Here we go … the sandwich shop is open for business again during the regatta time ! I am making 70 a day which generally get consumed but occasionally when there are lots going on I have a few left over .. Yesterday’s sandwiches were prosciutto crudo, or cotto or salami Milano castello with tomatoes, salad and pecorino cheese, and sun-dried tomato pesto. The baker brought me the bread to the marina and the galley turned into a sandwich shop whilst breakfast was being eaten in the cockpit and the boat was motoring up to Porto Cervo where we picked up the race crew!

But getting back to today I have roasted chicken breasts that have been marinating in lemoncello, with lemon thyme, lemon zest and garlic. The marinade I cooked down with some chicken stock and lemon juice and then poured over the chicken to sit in over night. Having made a lemon mayonnaise I will make the sandwiches today with plenty of salad and the chicken. We have all our crew arriving at 9.30am and hope to be off the dock by 10am but we also have a few spare parts to get as our A/C in the aft end of the boat is still not working, but the parts are due in the marina this morning, I am sure much to the delight of our guests !

Sunrise Portisco September 3rd 2010

Now we are onto another day where the sunrise is full of reds and blues, like the last few days out on anchor. The sunrises have been spectacular, and at this time of year it is wonderful to be up early and having such a view to watch the sunrise

I hear movement below so I must finish and get on as I need to be ready for the arrival of my pane arabo, the bread rolls I am using for my sandwiches.. and also get the gingerbread  frosting ready with crystallised ginger, ready to put on top when we serve expressos.