So the last few days have been hectic and today will be nothing less… ! the big stock up for the regatta, ordering foods to be delivered to the yacht during the regatta and of course my Panini order… which has thrown a small spanner in the works for me this year as the baker has changed location and cannot deliver the Panini I need to make my sandwiches for the race crew each day! It means I have to get up to the bakery to pick up the bread this year. Oh well this will challenge my morning timings of getting all the sandwiches made and stored before we leave the dock… lets hope some of the race crew do not mind helping out which I know they will not as it means a quick snack at the same time being that they are in the galley!!

I am in the saloon on a dark morning having done my Tibetans the clouds are covering the sky but I can see the odd bolt of lightning coming through so wonder what the weather is going to be like today and hope that we can still have these hatches open in the aft of the boat where the A/C has konked out! …. My fruits are dotted about appropriately in cool areas but with a bit of rain last night it meant that part of the boat was very stuffy! I am just thankful that the forward end, where we live still has A/C…! anyhow the saloon is full of food I now have to get ashore and into the apartments for the race crew….. bags of cereals, tea, coffee, bread, fruits snacks etc, water and the milk, cheese, hams, yogurts block up my fridges but will release a lot of space later on this morning which I am happy about !!.. Into the tender they will go and up to Porto Cervo where the Residence is that the race crew are staying in. They are all arriving today at all sorts of different times so we will not see them until early tomorrow when we start our training days..

Anchored off Portisco we have had all the race boats, mini Maxis coming down and being lifted to be measured, other yachts are on the dock emptying out what they need to before the regatta, but us no… we will do a training day and then empty the boat when we are on the dock tomorrow night in Porto Cervo Marina. We have been re measured this year in Palma before the Superyacht cup, so I imagine we are all up to date… but seeing as it is not my area I just need to concentrate on food and beverage for the next crazy few days and there is plenty of that to do keeping me so busy I will not be able to think of much else…!!

A large drinks order arrived yesterday that has been put away under shower floors, under beds, into drinks lockers and then some sit waiting until Sat when we empty the forward storage and we can put some  in there as  two eskis are filled twice a day for drinks. There is of course another two eskis full of beer that are drunk each end of day !!

My weekly plan is a little behind as we tried to have part of a day off when the boss left for 3 days which kind of stumped me in my baking as the crew slept in late so I am a cake or two behind but have managed to make a couple of extra already for two other boats ! Today will be a berry polenta cake and then I am also considering a lemon blueberry coconut cake… but we shall see as baby lemon meringue tarts would go down well I think in filo cups. Just all depends on time and tonight I have guests onboard for dinner and the crew plus one extra to feed which is not many but the day already looks busy..

Last night I roasted 6 kilos of courgette/zucchini and 4 kgs of aubergines for my roasted vegetables, pesto and mozzarella sandwiches. These we all being roasted whilst I chicken fajitas for crew for dinner.  Today another couple of aubergines should be roasted all sliced of course and then 4 kg of capsicums will be roasted and peeled sliced and stored. I have to thaw and marinate the beef fillets and also cook the lemoncello chicken breasts for sandwiches on sunday, slice up all the pecorino for the ham and cheese sandwiches tomorrow… oh boy here we go, 10 lettuces are washed and ready in ziplock bags for tomorrow and Sunday and more lettuces are on order for me today so that I can get those washed and stored for Monday and Tuesdays sandwiches !

It all becomes a bit daunting as the days get closer to the regatta, and I have restaurants to book, uniform to organise, uniform to buy still and I have just remembered whilst writing this of the cookie dough I made that is in the freezer which should have been taken out last night to defrost so that I could bake them today… Oh well that will have to wait until later and the cookies will then be baked tonight amongst the fish in salt for the guests … ! odd smells will arise from the oven at that stage I am sure …

There is plenty of clearing up to do also as everything has to have a home as tomorrow we train and it means that nothing can be left out rolling around as we tack and gybe all day practicing all our moves with some new and some old race crew onboard. We are fortunate that a lot of the guys know the boat this time and have raced with us before.

No wonderful sunrise today like yesterday … cloudy day ahead. Time for me to get on 6.30am means cutting up fruit and making coffee for the crew