So another year has slipped beneath my toes and I have not written. Not because I have not wanted to but because I have not finished a post, and so on seeing a friends post and the fact that it does not have to be paragraphs long, with copious awesome photos I felt it was time to start again and write. Fill in a few gaps over the next few weeks with what has been happening during the last year and what is going on now.

At the moment we are anchored out in Sardegna, in a place called Portisco, which is on the Costa Smeralda and it is August 15th, Ferragosto, Italy’s biggest holiday, one that basically closes the country down and people go to the beach. If you were inland in some of the cities there would be silence as everyone has vacated the cities for the coastal regions of Italy and Sardegna is one of their favourite spots. We are actually fighting a mistral, a wind that is howling around us so not only are we anchored off the island in a fairly protected bay but so are numerous other yachts of all sorts of size and shapes… sail and motoryachts. There are certainly far more motor yachts anchored out here, as in superyachts or giga yachts than the sailing superyachts ! As far as sailing giga yachts there are not really so many in this world and really do you want to go so big ? I really feel this whole size of yacht is getting out of hand especially in the motor yacht world. The wealth to own one of these could feed a small country,  let alone probably help out some country’s banking issues… But at this moment that is a subject I should not dwell upon.

We are in guest mode, but the poor guests are unable to get off the yacht due to the strength of the wind at the moment. If we could get the tender into the water we would, but then trying to get into the tender with this wind is another issue, as is getting ashore with out being soaked to the skin unless you are wearing wet weather gear in 30 degrees in the middle of August in the Mediterranean !!

I have not been ashore in a week, and am at the end of my fresh produce, so now desperate to get ashore and shop, but being that it is Ferragosto, the shops are closed and nothing really will get restocked until next week so I am weaning my crew on fresh food, but really they cannot complain as having made fresh tomato sauce that I can use for pasta, or roasted vegetables and plenty of their favourite steak in the freezer they are not going to fade away ! But as for the guests it is slightly different as the berry department for breakfast is really at it’s last limit !

As I look out of my porthole, I am watching as we sail around on the anchor, white caps breaking all around us…I am wondering if the guests are going ashore for a dinner they have been invited to, as I must get on and prep their dinner should they not be able to get ashore, and need to get on with crew dinner. So for now I need to fly, start the oven up, thread the teriyaki tuna onto skewers, steam some rice and prep up some vegetables for the crew, before salting the prawns for the guests as a starter and prepping up their main …. and oh la their dessert a roasted peach and vanilla risotto, a new recipe to play around with.

Photos will be posted next time as will a little bit of what has been going on in the last year… but until then I need to go as time yet again is slidding fast underneath my feet

At anchor in the calm... unlike today in Sardegna ! Ferragosto 2014

At anchor in the calm… unlike today in Sardegna !
Ferragosto 2014