Autumnal weather in one continent means Spring weather in another and you know me I follow the sun, so the time to climb up to the Northern Hemisphere is nearing…

I think Spring is the most wonderful of seasons with flowers, blossoms of fruits all awakening from the cold dark winter days. Everything is so young and fresh. The green of the leaves is so bright, the white of flowers is so white and then the new tastes of fruits and vegetables is always so vivid and fresh. I am eager to get back to the Elderflowers, to make some elderflower cordial which is loved by all, watch how the Wisterias are flowering and drooping over buildings, fences and other trees, the leaves on the trees growing the changes along streets as shadows form from the new leaves, alleyways are covered in ivy and the heat of the sun makes everything open up again after those months hidden away in the cold. There is of course the launch of the boat again after a winter ashore which is always an adventure in its own, then the stepping of the mast, the hoisting of the sails and of course then the sea trials to make sure we are all sorted again to start a summer of sailing, racing and fun throughout the Mediterranean.

Now is the time to start writing again and fortunately I have a workshop to attend to help with food photography so I hope this coming summer there will be some more photos of foods, markets, places I have visited to share with everyone