Our new 3Di race jib arrived hours before the sail designer so it was winched onboard early the next morning and laid out on the deck ready for hoisting.

3Di jib on foredeck

3Di jib waiting to be hoisted

Nihat with his newly designed sail

Nihat looking at his newly designed 3Di sail

Finally after so long we are sailing again… The first day in weeks of rain and we go sailing with the new 3Di sail. It was a short but sweet sail, as the rain came in and we had to make a few adjustments to the head of the sail before we can try her again but generally everyone is pleased and now eager to finish up in the yard and go sailing. Our sail designer Nihat from Norths came over from Valencia to spend a couple of days with us here making sure the sail is 100% for us to go racing with it in 10 days… The sail was hoisted up the new forestay and into position for us to unfurl and bear away ….before the rain hit. We had a few other people on board, the riggers just checking all the work they had done in re stepping the mast, and a few people from the shipyard. It was quite funny as you could tell who were sailors and who were office people.  We had sailing shoes on they had socks on … !!They quickly learnt that they had to take those off before they slid down the decks.

It was the first day for me to start making sandwiches for this season ! Blackened chicken wraps were eagerly eaten by the crew and extras that we had onboard. Having found several new ideas these past few months I am keen to start to make new sandwiches this race season to keep the crew interested in the food as well as the race ! Having spent a few days stocking up with dry stores I now have lots more hours of shopping for fresh stuff, so that I can start to prepare sandwich fillings, canapes and cakes for the regatta in Porto Cervo which starts in early June. There will be a few mornings spent at the market in La Spezia before we leave here and then of course down in Sardinia where the Saturday market in Olbia is always great fun to visit as it is so local and I just love wandering around it picking out typical Sardinian foods, fruits and veggies.