Our last day on the hard has come and gone…. I am in disbelief in a way but the yacht is sitting in slings, the last part of the hull has just been sprayed, 8.30pm with antifoul, the apartments are all being packed up as I write this and we will go in early tomorrow to watch the boat being launched.

It has been a crazy week outside the shed with so much going on, long hours and tiring days. I stocked up with heaps of food, and drinks, whilst the boat was being cleaned and detailed inside, as the boys continued to work on engineering issues and whilst the deck crew worked on getting the deck ready for the mast and boom to be reinstalled on Thursday.

Mast stepping May 19th 2011

It took a while but with the largest crane I have seen next to a boat the mast was lifted and installed… having put more silver coins, plus some others on the tongue we were all happy with the stepping of the mast. It was in and the boom was brought up and the gooseneck was secured with the pin… yeh ! We are looking like a sailing boat again, and it is only a matter of a couple of days when we shall perform as a sailing boat again!  

Food however this week was slightly pushed aside as we would be onboard until 9pm so on the way home we would stop for a pizza locally before all collapsing into our beds. I can only imagine that this is going to be the same for the next week as the owner arrives also and we will be sailing as much as possible once he is onboard, testing the new sail and every system to make sure we are fit to race in 10 days in Sardinia !  Mind you I am going to have to start cooking immediately with the owner and friends onboard, so once my fridges are on it will be all systems go for me as well, and as I have lots of new ideas and recipes to try I am keen to get cooking again onboard !