Well we have been in the shed in Picchiotti shipyard in La Spezia since Dec 22nd, and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. We will be out on the hard over the pit this week, meaning that we will be in the water the following week meaning we will be in on our way down to Sardinia for the Loro Piana regatta. I am getting excited but am also slightly panicked at the amount of work still to do to be ready for the regatta, let alone just to go sailing again after so long, with the boat having been almost stripped of so many things that are all being put back together having been serviced, painted, overhauled. Now they just have to be turned on again and tested, and being that we are a boat, most of these things have to be done once we are in the water so of course there will be this immense rush when we go in the water.

I drive past the mast and boom lying in cradles as I go in and out of the shipyard. They have both been sprayed, touched up and now are being re built ready to go in this week. The halyards are being re led, the lighting has all been re wired, the aerials are all reinstalled and new rubbing strips are tightly secured onto the spreaders as we have been destroying our spreaders whilst we tack. The riggers have been down regularly and now have finished what is needed to make sure the mast is ready to be installed next week

My first big dry store shop was interesting as I battled with two huge trolleys which are flat so can hold boxes of food and drink, so are way bigger than your regular supermarket trolley! I had to push my trolley past the tasty cherry tomatoes which is so hard for me but with no fridges on and only small household fridges in our apartments I knew I could not buy the crates that I would love to have. Next week I kept on reminding myself ! I had not realised how much food I would have to buy not only for the regatta but also just to replenish my empty lockers which look only semi full after being filled with what I had bought. I have many more trips to the shops to do yet to feel satisfied with what I need for summer cruising with race crew, guests and family onboard for the majority of this coming summer. As we are so late in being launched the owner will want to be onboard as much as he can having missed cruising this summer he is so keen to get back onboard, and I have certainly some similar feelings.

The shed has been cleaned, any covering on the boat has been stripped off, the sails well almost all the sails are back in the sail locker, and also in the lazzarette. The bimini is back on, but is ready to be removed the moment we get down to Sardinia. The magic trims are being tested, the winches are all working, the mast is rebuilt and ready to be put back in next week, as is the boom. The travel lift has been moved into the shed into position but no straps until we get the call from the paint company that they are happy with the paint and we can be lifted up and out over the pit to work on the keel for the next week.

Tomorrow is a big day then for the shipyard and for the boat…