Wonderful sunny Sunday morning encouraged us to get out and go hiking around Portofino, my favourite port in Italy …. Seriously expensive with designer stores in such a small place but amazingly beautiful. The area around it also is amazing the buildings are all beautifully painted in pastels, and also they paint in the facades so that there is a 3D effect when in fact it is still just plastered walls. I love the area and every time just get a buzz from being there regardless of the weather it is wonderful with amazing plants and trees, beautiful gardens such a photogenic area if you have never been there before.

Wandering around Santa Margherita there was a small Sunday market on with nick nacks but the local frutta e verdura shop had the most amazing pumpkins and some local porcini mushrooms and black truffles for sale… yes the mushroom season is in so tomorrow I am off to buy some at the market.

Fruit and Vegetable stall Santa Margherita

This stall was selling wonderful produce and was attracting a lot of attention with their oversized pumpkins.. it almost felt like we were back in America where they have the largest pumpkin competitions !

They had fresh chestnuts, olives and other delicious things that I cannot wait to play with together with a few different varieties of mushrooms

Walking along the waterfront to Portofino is always great as you can watch the small regattas that take place off Rapallo and Santa Margherita, or the swimmers, divers etc all enjoying the small areas of beaches that are available to them. The small port of Portofino was filled with tourists as it always is and so you are forever walking slowly behind the crowds to get up to the church or castle to look down on the port which is so very famous around the world.