Back at home… Genova, Marina di Genova Aeroporto. Having stripped the boat of her sails and packed them up on deck whilst we slowed down outside Genova, it was a good feeling to come back into the Marina! The season had finished, we can all relax a bit before getting into the winter work mode! On our trip up from Naples the sunrise over the Cinque Terre was amazing, one of those beautiful long Autumn red sunrises, having watched the moon set earlier that morning

sunrise over Cinque Terre

A day in Genova and then up to Monaco to the Monaco Boat show which is a spectacle ! It is amazing should you not work in the industry as it will blow you away with the opulence that is in this small port in the small principality of Monaco. The amount of yacht anchored off this year was incrediable and probably the most I have ever seen at this event. Some of course so big that they cannot actually fit into the port when she is so busy. The show is there for all of us in the industry and for industry people to sell their wares, and meet others. It is a huge social event as well, so of course we enjoy going ! I spent 2 days there and thoroughly exhausted myself running around seeing friends, boats, companies I had to see for the boat and then of course doing my own social scene as it is a place you see people you have not seen in ages as you walk up and down the show.

Now we have a few weeks here in Genova to work on the boat before we go to a shipyard to get painted. Best of all it is Porcini season here so I am off out to hunt for the Italian porcini in the markets next week. Quite often they have the ones that come in from France but the locals here sway me past these crates and take me to the Italian ones which are far superior of course… I just cannot wait to get the first ones and start cooking with them… There is a wonderful restaurant just outside San Remo where they serve a feast of Porcini, each course has porcini in it whether it is raw in a salad, lightly cooked in garlic with parsley, chopped in carpaccio, sautéed for pasta, cooked in a risotto, pan-fried with scrambled eggs, breaded for the main course or just cooked on its own or baked sliced with olive oil .. just delicious so I am looking forward to Mondays market adventure.. unless I find some tomorrow on my way to Portofino or Cinque Terre depending on the weather…!

I have had a few days break from cooking and so am looking forward to getting back into it again as having eaten a great lunch in a really typical local restaurant in Genova it makes me want to come back and cook ! Mind you cookie baking was also on my mind as I see the crew have eaten all the other ones so I must bake again tomorrow….

I can get back into a routine of writing and cooking, and editing recipes to be written up here… which I have failed to do over the last month being that I have been so busy.