Yeh… a place I have not visited in years ! We had to stop and anchor off Gaeta as the weather was just not cooperating in our trip back to Genova having dropped off the guests south of Naples. The wind was howling out in Port Cervo, Sardinia and hence we were getting it as we were making our way North along the coast.

By the time we actually got there I was starting crew dinner, racks of lamb with roast potatoes and veggies….! but memories of Gaeta flooded back as we came in. The great market along the side of the street selling wonderful seafood, fresh fruit and vegetables, but what stood out the most and remains the most memorable of my time in Gaeta was the rush in the afternoon to get the fresh mozzarella !

I had been wandering through the streets one afternoon and wondered what the ladies were waiting for outside small shop fronts, and then the few that were walking fast to join these women. Being curious I had decided to wait and see but really had not to wait long as large vats were pushed down the narrow streets and into the small shops where the ladies followed it eagerly. Inside these large vats was the fresh mozzarella that had come up from Naples… wow… it was such a wonderful site as the sellers pulled out large balls of mozzarella and bagged them for the women who obviously came daily to get their ball or balls of mozzarella as the man selling knew exactly how much each lady required until it came to me…. I was in awe at this stage and took several ball as the boat we were on had guests onboard and we did not know when we were leaving. There were a few of these shops and I look forward to going back again there one day as today unfortunately is not that day