Now if I say anything about Capri it is that you must if you go, eat at

Restaurante Di Paolino – Lemon trees

Via Palazzo a Mare, 11   80073 Capri (Napoli) ITALY Phone +39 081 8376102

We were invited to join the guests last night and having not been there for at least 5 years it was just amazing.. the traditional Italian food there is just wonderful… the antipasta is to die for. A long table of cold antipasta and a smaller table of warm antipasta…. mozzarella wrapped with courgette or aubergine, moscardini ( baby octopus in a rich tomato wine sauce) meat balls, smoked tuna, swordfish, grilled vegetables, the best mozzarella  you can taste from Campania ….marinated anchovies, bean salads, roasted vegetables, grilled vegetables topped with  mozzarella and tomatoes with basil are just to name a few things.. the pastas oh yum then the mains, which for me were all too big as I could have just continued to eat antipasta. The selection of meats or fish is incrediable. As for the selection of desserts well…. where does one start baby tiramisu, fresh fruits, mini creme caramel, mini fresh fruit tarts, mini cakes, profiteroles bowls and bowls of berries and cream… it was a sweet persons heaven ! But the atmosphere in this restaurant is wonderful as you sit under lemon trees laden with fruit, and then to top the dinner off they serve their home-made Lemoncello, which is so strong but so very yellow from the skins of their lemons.

Such a great meal… you cannot miss this place if you go to Capri

We are now in Sorrento on the mainland south of Naples and I have dinner to prepare… so my hazelnuts have roasted for the chocolate hazelnut meringue cake and now I have to get on and make this as there are so many other items to prepare for the final dinner of this cruise !… Tomorrow after dropping the guests off we turn around and head up north back to Genova !