Yesterday our lay day turned into one windy cool day. The wind continued to blow into the night but this morning has dropped considerably to almost non at this early hour. So much for me getting some down time, it ended up being much the same as usual hectic with shopping, cooking, people for lunch as well as crew lunch then guests after lunch for coffee and cakes, which could have gone on to beers and canapes but fortunately did not so it gave me time to continue on preparing for sandwiches over the next two days.

I failed though to get time on the internet as my internet key was used by the owner of the yacht and his guests…. so not until late did I quickly get on and by then I was shattered and needed to sleep and so did not get time to write-up some recipes. I think one day is just going to be a post of recipes… I cannot just write-up what is being eaten with no recipe to go with it !

The Panini/sandwich shop opens up shortly and today is the vegetarian sandwich, well I feel that at least one day my influence of vegetables should really be spread. I eat fish but try not to eat farmed fish, and now am really careful as to what fish I do eat making sure it is sustainable, and that is not so easy but with the knowledge that we are given with the easy access of the internet it is far easier to find out what fish should and should not be eaten. Check this company online the Marine Stewardship Council or the Monterey Aquarium site as these both list, advise and give you good information on our fish stocks, as best they can.

arh but the sandwiches… roasted vegetables, capsicums, aubergines, zucchini with home-made pesto and bufala mozzarella ! Oh yum…. I made the pesto a short while ago and froze it as I need a lot for the sandwiches. I do slip in a few pieces of prosciutto into half of  the sandwiches, as I know these boys like meat but …. it is good to have them eating just vegetables as well. As for the cakes today … well there could be a choice depending on my timing as well, either chocolate brownie or white chocolate vanilla cheesecake with raspberries or blueberries !  I will make individual ones that are quickly consumed with an espresso!

I can feel the breeze picking up slightly as I sit here on deck writing and realise that I have to get on, the kettle must boil, the fruit needs to be cut, the jams placed in bowls and breakfast needs to be organized ,so that I can get myself for the production line to start producing those sandwiches.