Those forecasters were right it blowing this morning and it is cold, what happened did they turn summer off last night ? I am up on deck and can just hear the wind through the rigging of all the yachts and the whipping of the battle flags as they fly in the wind… it seems like more than 16kts sitting here on deck. The wind is coming directly into the boat and boy is it so much colder.

The race was postponed yesterday due to a big storm coming through, and so after eating all the sandwiches, and having rinsed off the boat back at the dock the announcement was made by the race committee that it is all on again, the wind had dropped and it looked like there would be a clear passage for us to race after 15.00 so we left the dock and went for it. Sadly not doing very well, and our start was quite scary as I could have jumped from ours to another we were so close and being on Superyachts that close I can tell you from experience it is very scary and something I cannot say I enjoy that much ! 2 bottles of champagne however sorted the protest out that the other yacht was going to hold on us !!!

It was a windy race and we unfortunately did not do well and came in later than usual. I had 2 birthday cakes to ice at this stage so there was a big rush on to get this done as I served one onboard at our briefing and then proceeded to ice the next and go over to a dock party and present the cake to the owner and crew who were delighted ! A champagne glass was placed in my hand and celebrations began, until the Polish crew decided it was important for me to try their vodka and apple juice…. do not under any circumstances listen to a Pole about vodka and apple juice…. It was quite disgusting an acquired taste I believe….!

As today is a lay day I will have time to organise my recipes and hopefully write up some online, as the sandwich shop is closed, ( until I find the crew here for lunch wanting something to eat ! ) the crew have a day off whilst we fix up the boat, and do a few things and then we are entertaining some of the yacht owners onboard here later on this afternoon. It does also mean I get to go and visit a market in my favourite village around  here and stock up again not only on fruit and vegetables but also on drinks as we are powering through these at quite a rate !

Day 1 Racing waiting to leave the dock

Day 1 racing close tacking !