It all seems so dark again up here on deck this early in the morning and certainly means that summer is really moved into the Autumn light. We had a great race again yesterday with strong winds up to 24kts. My day had started early with my Tibetans before the sandwich shop opened and I have to be so thankful to a few of the crew who come in and help to slice the bread, and wrap the bread, we have a production line going once I am able to get the owners and guests breakfast on the table !

Pete and Harry on the sandwich production line !

We do have a laugh at this time in the morning as there appears to be competition with the 3 of us trying to keep up with each other, as I stuff the sandwiches having spread them with tzatziki or aioli I then fill them and cut them in half so Harry wraps them in a napkin and Pete wraps them in plastic wrap before they find themselves in the fridge where they remain until I am able to serve lunch which for the last few days has been after the regatta as we have been starting on time ! There have been years that we are postponed due to the lack of wind generally so we eat before we race and especially in the Superyacht Cups where we start at different times, being a pursuit race and so as we are generally the filly in the fleet, being the biggest and lightest we end up starting sometimes 1 1/2hrs after the first boat !

Mini banoffie pies with a chocolate crust

Yesterday we came in and served sandwiches immediately and whilst they were being consumed I was making the little banoffie pies. I had the pastry cases made so it really was only a matter of chopping up the banana mixing it with the caramel, whipping cream and shaving chocolate ! But it still took time but I think it was worth it ! Not a fan myself everyone dived in after the briefing that took place in the cockpit as whilst everyone was listening to what was being said their saliva buds were working up to demolishing the plate of pies !  They are so easy to make I really have forgotten why I do not use it as a standby dessert …. !

Having finished up yesterday the boat was washed down and I started to cook the chicken for today, Cajun chicken sandwiches, and also had to make two birthday cakes before shooting out to dinner with the race crew. It was a rush and a heated one as it meant the oven was on for a long time, and then off whilst the boys had to fix a winch above the galley so working around the lads on deck and in my deck lining is always fun but hey this is yachting and you make do as best you can in the situation you have in front of you ! It is always a challenge …. whether it is the weather that has challenged me in the angle I have to work in or it is a breakdown onboard with a winch, or something…! You just have to deal with it and get on and to be honest it really is not that bad !!

Off I go Tibetan time, ooops a bit late and then into the start of the day …. and there is plenty to do with icing of the cakes, washing lettuce, cutting up chicken breasts, making aioli… and of course breakfast

Recipes will I promise come later…..