We flew over the line first in our class but in timing results came in second… not bad for our first day now it is a matter of keeping it up and continuing in the same way. Todays wind at 5.15  is already up at 11kts so I wonder at this early hour what is going to happen, not that I spoke to the people in the know about it yesterday but I will do later when everyone is up and prepping the boat.

Food yesterday went down well so many sandwiches were eaten and then little chocolate mud cakes. I jumped boats with the rest of my gingerbread and took it to another boat Y3K who I try to make cakes for as our friends onboard do enjoy having a little surprise at the end of their race day too. The reaction was incrediable it was like seagulls around a plate of chips !! I had almost to drop the tray of cake and run they all approached me so fast having dropped their wash mits, hoses and chamois to get a piece of cake ! I was lucky enough to save a piece for the owner of the yacht and the captain as otherwise it would have all gone in one foul swoop !! I had more cakes for another boat but we decided as they were spread along the dock having finished cleaning up really fast they could wait until today to have their cakes !

Todays sandwiches are pork souvilaki with tzatziki which I made with a traditional recipe from a Greek family who have adopted me as I became a godmother to one of the sons. It is full of garlic, olive oil salt, and of course grated cucumber and greek yogurt which if I cannot buy I just strain natural yogurt for at least 6 hrs and then make the tzatziki, which I find hard to keep in the fridge as I love it and so do the crew. Going back to today the sandwiches will be filled with roasted pork loin, tzatziki, then parsley and tomatoes chopped and mixed together with some salad leaves. Hope the boys enjoy these ! As for the sweet part of the day being that it is the yacht designers birthday I am making individual banoffie pies ! Lou at dinner last night asked if everyone liked banoffie pie … even the race crew member who is being so strict on sweet things decided that ok yes I will be eating these when these are served, so I will not say anything but just bring them up with candles in for our birthday boy !

Chocolate pastry lined cases filled with caramel bananas and topped with shaved chocolate only to be topped with whipped cream and drizzled in chocolate… I am not a big dessert eater and this is one dessert I cannot find tempting at all and find it amazing how many people just drop everything to have a piece…. well so long as they all enjoy it then that is what matters to me and I am going to watch with pleasure as these are eaten today after coffee on our return to the dock.

Tibetan time has come so I must get on and later will upload a few photos