So here we go into the Maxi Rolex Cup 2010 !  We are moored next to Visione our competitor … same size, carbon hull and rig and also a race boat rather than a racer cruiser as we are. They have a professional race team and this year have another set of new sails… so there is a little bit of an advantage on their side of the race course ! However we shall see, our determination is strong and the smiles on our faces will not be broken !

There is a bit of breeze but hey what does that matter at 5.30am, whilst most race crew sleep there are a few stragglers walking home now unaware that I am watching them stagger along the dock! Not our crew yet but this is only the first race day there are a few more to go and the parties have only just begun !

The sandwich galley opens up soon, having started last night roasting the beef fillets having marinated them in marsala, chilli, rosemary, kiwi fruit I roasted them so they still have a pink belly for the sandwiches today. They will be filled with the beef, tomatoes, roasted onions and lettuce with a horseradish aioli, and then later on I have to bake the little cakes I shall serve, chocolate mini cup cakes taken from another cake recipe and adapted to suit me and the crew.

Baking mini chocolate cakes

Mini chocolate cakes



It seems so dark to start today but having woken up far to early with excitement and anticipation as to what today will bring I creeped out onto the deck to do my Tibetans at 5am today and now cannot believe the time has flown and I need to get back down into the galley and start to prep up the coffee and fruit for breakfast before slicing up the tomatoes, roasting a few more onions and being fully prepared for the delivery and pane arabo, my sandwich/ panini bread for today…

No time even for a recipe so for those new followers, some race crew I will get around to posting some recipes hopefully later on today before a crew dinner ashore somewhere !