Just as I was plating up Sicilian swordfish with a Sicilian tomato sauce the theme tune to the Godfather blasted through the boat… It all seemed rather to close for comfort ! We had been motoring away from Sicily up towards Sardinia, the police in Italy had arrested 300 mafia associates in Rome and here I was serving a Sicilian inspired meal !

Sunset on our way to Sardinia

The sunset was spectacular as they all have been in the last few weeks so a few of us dashed to the foredeck to take photos whilst the guests ate away, before the captain turned the boat around so they too could enjoy the wonderful colours and glass like waters as we continued on our way to Sardinia

Today however had started with Frappacinos which we changed into Saudadiccinos, partially taken from the name of the boat and of course the Frappacino. The kids had really wanted to make something similar to one of their favourite cafe drinks, so this morning was their chance ! The youth of today and their cafe lifestyle …. ! Anyhow 12 mini ice creams later and a liter of milk we had 4 Saudadiccinos ready to serve with breakfast! The kids were so excited that they had finally got their drink as they had been asking me for days to make it and there just had not been any time… They now want me to send the recipe to the famous cafe where they have their normal Frappacino… But hey why not lets just post it up here instead so that they can make it at home as well… We have to make some adjustments as they added far too much chocolate being the chocoholics that they are and realized that really they did not need to add the 200gm of extra milk chocolate ! There was also talk of adding a tablespoon of NUTELLA but I think we can forget that as well…


10 mini magnum ice creams or similar…. White, dark or milk chocolate with vanilla

Or use you vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream but of good quality… (Being that we are in Italy of course we have no problems in finding this !!)

1 liter of milk

2 cups of ice

2 tablesp grated chocolate

Take the mini ice creams off the sticks and place in a liquidiser with the ice, and a cup of milk, and blend until the ice is crushed.

With the rest of the milk either place in a frother and froth or place on the heat and froth manually until you get a good firm cappuccino style froth.

Divide the ice cream mixture into 4 cups and then top with the frothed milk. Sprinkle on some grated chocolate and serve with a long spoon or straw… enjoy


The kids insisted on photos of their new-found drink which I was to now refine the recipe for another breakfast to come !

Isola Di Ustica is famous for its diving and marine life which the guests took a quick glimpse at snorkeling, but after that and a quick-lunch of sandwiches we brought the anchor up and started our trip to Sardinia… It was going to be a long hot day motoring with 4 kids who wanted nothing more than to play on the water toys or swim… But 180 miles had to be covered for us to get to the South Eastern corner of Sardinia so that they could have 2 days of beach and watersports before flying home and onto more holiday adventures…

Sicilian tomato mint sauce

1 kg of cherry tomatoes, that have already been cooked down for 1 hr or 2 tins of tomatoes

1 onion diced

3 cloves of garlic crushed

2 tablesp capers

2 tablesp pitted olives

2 tablesp sun dried cherry tomatoes

2 tablesp chopped mint

1 teasp of sugar

2 tablesp olive oil

Heat the olive oil in a saucepan and add the onions and allow to sweat for a minute or two before adding the garlic. Allow to cook for a couple of minutes before adding the cherry tomatoes or tins of tomatoes. Allow this to cook for 20 mins in a gentle simmer, stirring occasionally and then add the sugar to taste and cook again for another 20 mins.

Add the capers, olive and sun dried cherry tomatoes at this stage and a cup of water as the sauce will have reduced down at this stage. Season well and cook again for 20 mins before adding the mint. Allow the sauce to cool slightly before serving with grilled swordfish.