A chance to get online again without the teenagers pestering me for more chocolate cookies before going to sleep on deck ! Mind you they are still awake and I can imagine any minute now they will be back down here asking for more food.

Last night we were anchored off Vulcano where in the morning you could smell the sulphur from the volcano and hot springs that the island is made of. Having been up early as usual doing my Tibetans I slowly started the day climbing over the two girls who having tried to sleep on deck decided the saloon floor was better ! So tipping toeing around the boat I managed to get the breakfast prep done before one of the boys woke up to go wake boarding … but then decided it was too early and would get up again when the deck crew were up at 7am ! … It ended up being a long, long morning with breakfast not being served until 10am but before then we had some fishermen come by the boat showing off their catch of some octopus and grouper. Jumping into the tender I went and checked out what else they had and came back with two grouper which would certainly feed the 12 of us onboard….

Fishermen off Vulcano

Great dinner was decided and I can relax and work out when I can get the fish scaled and gutted. Moving on after a quick-lunch of sandwiches we sailed towards Panerea where we anchored for the night and I was able to get onto the swimming platform to clean up the fish ready for the oven…

Baked with tomatoes, onions, potatoes, parsley, olive oil, lemon juice, olive oil and some white wine these fish were delicious and moist having been steamed slowly in the juices

2 fresh grouper

Grouper prepped up for the oven !

An Insalata Caprese started the meal before the fish which was served with a freshly tossed green salad and followed by a Nutella tart.

I will try to get some recipes written down so that at least you can prepare your fish this way whether it is a grouper or a snapper … they are delicious served so simply…