Days have flown by in a blur as we picked up 5 men the day after our race crew left and we have just been going since, motoring and sailing mile after mile only stopping for a game of golf or to watch the world cup football… otherwise we are on the move… Meals are on the move at what ever time of day ! I ran ashore in Ponza to get some fresh fruit and vegetables, and also some fresh Mozzarella di Bufala which was consumed delight by all.

We left Palma and sailed and motored to Corsica where we arrived for a late dinner the following day having caught 3 tuna so dinner was sushi, sashimi, ceviche and then seared tuna…. I almost felt it my duty to create some tuna desert but thankfully had a desert ready ! The 3 fish were large so we all ate well that night and had so much left over we knew that lunch the next day would also be tuna and then the rest I was able to vacuum pack and freeze…. I did not think we would be catching more but two more large tunas arrived on the deck 2 days later as we sailed to Ponza and yet again the guests asked for tuna so I rushed to clean the fish whilst we sailed and served them for a late dinner…and more tuna was vacuum sealed and moved into the freezer.

Cooking has been fast and furious at times as quite often the wind appears to come up just before I want to start prepping lunch and hence I end up having to do something fast closer to the time of serving or end up making sandwiches which is quite normal when we are sailing ! I just feel bad for the crew as we have been eating quite a lot of sandwiches this past month with the 2 regattas we have sailed in.

So if cooking has been fast and furious you can imagine what shopping has been like… quite insane with me running around supermarkets in Palma with 2 trolleys, leaving one behind in some area and running down aisle filling one and then leaving it close to the check-out whilst I fill up the other one and then tackle the checkout with 2 trolleys and masses of bags that I bring whilst other people watch in amusement as I try to organise my food into the bags as fast as the girls check them and then unload the trolleys of more food, only to get back to the end of the checkout counter to put the food into the bags before lugging it all in to the car and back to the boat. Monday June 28th was a killer….so much to do in such a short time starting of course with my 5 Tibetans and then at 6.30 dropping off our last crew member at the airport, picking up fresh bread and croissants at the market, making breakfast taking 2 guests to play golf, then q very fast shop only to return to the boat to pick up the owners wife and take her to the airport and then onto a large supermarket where at the checkout my credit card failed…. I was in contact with a friend at this time who told me that I must have done something wrong in my life to have to work so hard now ! I did wonder at this comment and several days later as Lou, our stewardess onboard,  told me I must have been a Sirena /mermaid in my past, to which I added yes maybe I was and probably broke a few sailors hearts so hence my payment is doing this work now !!! …Nice thought and we decided I should stick with it …. but for how much longer do I have to work this hard, with the one life I am given ?! … Thank goodness I can see the fun side of it and the enjoyment of it outweighs the other parts of it which I tend to forget easily until I drop exhausted from it all

Well that day, the day we had guests arriving  turned into one long day with more shopping and arriving back when the guests arrived was a mistake, however one that worked to my advantage in the end as they saw all the bags and how much food had to be put away that they decided to go out for dinner… I did get a chance to put everything away and get organised for our departure the next day to Corsica or Sardinia we were not sure…. but hey we did leave and since have gone a far few miles … and now in Capri under the cliffs I am able to try to catch up on what has happened in that last week that has shot past me in such a flash I can hardly believe it is Sunday night…. see my food diary and see what foods I have prepared and cooked for the guests and for the crew and reflect on what has just been. Thinking of those wonderful summer sunsets or sunrises as we motor or sail to another island. Smell the land as we get closer, watch the birds circling above us as we anchored under the cliffs of Bonifacio or watch the dolphins play in the water as we speed through it to our next destination

It seems that my aim in writing daily has failed me  or rather I have failed it as I have not been able to get online when I want to and my life has been so hectic that the food has sadly had a back seat recently but I hope to change that and get back into having a bit more time for food and markets whilst we are cruising at a decent pace unlike at the moment where we are on a whistle-stop tour, but in a few days  we have the family on the boat and hopefully things will slow down and I can get into writing and cooking again and posting up some recipes ….  ! I think I will have to do just a post on recipes as they have certainly been neglected recently  but as for now I have things to prep for tomorrow, a lemon tart is waiting on the cooker as I was not sure whether I was going dinner or not tonight so I am one up on myself with desserts which is always a bonus when I know we have a few more hundred miles to go yet !.  until next time somewhere along the Sicilian coast I would imagine… some smoked swordfish or fresh swordfish will be so good to get and eat there… oh and other Sicilian delights