The summer mornings are awesome with the martins and swallows soaring above the marina and town starting the day off singing away as they pick at small insects to eat… They make an incrediable sound outside the market as I run in to pick up ice, lettuces, bread and peaches for the day and then fly back to the boat for 7.30 to start the guest breakfast and get the sandwiches on the go… Roast beef with a horseradish yogurt sauce, with freshly cleaned lettuce. We managed to sneak in a freshly squeezed orange juice and bump into some other crew whilst we waited for our bread and croissant order to be sorted for us…. and then the baker managed to only put in 30 Panini  in the bags today so I was short 20 which meant 35 wraps were made instead which was fine as the boys really enjoy them as well…. it also was easier on the hands as I did not have so many Panini to slice!   Anyhow they were all wrapped and in the fridge earlier than expected but that is a bonus for me as it meant I had time to make up some tiny raspberry friands for the last race day as today was chocolate brownie day !

Today was very light day of wind…  but we did  all go out and watch as the sea breeze picks up a bit and then dies away then picks up and dies but finally there is a call the race is on after a postponement. Everyone seemed to start so far ahead of us it was unreal and by the time we started we had worked out that we had to sail at 22kts to catch up with the leaders ! An impossible feat with the winds we had today and really we miles to catch up with them. We also have a problem with one of our winches at the back so were trying our hardest to work with one winch …. in the end this was not feasible and quite dangerous so we use the other winch. The wind played around with us all and kindly kept up for us to round the last mark after passing one yacht in our fleet to allow us to pass a few others whilst we came up to the finish line and we now lie 2nd  in our class and 7th overall. Now we just have to beat one boat tomorrow…. Gliss

Chocolate brownie squares of course we eaten very fast after our briefing and whilst the boat was washed down before the crew left to get ready for the Paella night on the dock which we hoped to get to as well, but at this rate we had a lot to get on with to get ashore before 9pm ! The boys all managed it but I cooked dinner for the crew on watch and started to cook some bacon for the BLTs tomorrow… one day I will get the photos uploaded and put more recipes on the blog but at the moment with the amount I have to do time is really short !