Did we really win our class ? I am still in shock that we started so late and sailed past all of our class quite easily in such light breezes… We sailed well after a late start, 2.26pm having gone out on the water at 10.30am and then finally came in around 5ish!

It was one of those rushed days when I made tons of sandwiches, roast chicken aioli and salad, with the cherry cheese cakes with coffee and cakes as we came into the dock. We were all on a high with delight as we had sailed so well, and excited at the thought of the next race

For me straight after serving coffee, cheese cakes, extra sandwiches and beers during our briefing I jumped into the car with one of a crew and took him to the airport only to stop off at the supermarket for a stock up fruits for the next few days trying to ripen them in time for the hungry crew to eat them. It was chaotic in the supermarket and chaotic on the roads being that the time was lousy and then also I had just found out I had to do dinner onboard for the owner and friends so I was now in a serious rush to get things in the car and back to the boat so I could make sandwiches.

The boys were all finishing up and getting ready to go out to the Country and Western evening onshore with a big BBQ whilst I threw things into the forward storage and started grating tomatoes to make a fresh tomato pasta sauce… A tossed salad with sun-dried cherry tomatoes, pitted olives, artichoke hearts and toasted pine nuts followed by the fresh tomato pasta with a pesto drizzle and then all they wanted was a cheese platter and fruit which suited me fine … no dessert to make or work out in such a rush ! Dinner of course dragged on with wine and we did not finish up until 11pm and to be honest I was so tired there was no way I would make it ashore just to have a quick drink with friends to end the day… no bed was calling as I knew what was in store for race day 2…