Feeling quite stunned at the fact that so many days have just flown by and I really have not been able to write anything down. Piles of food around me not only dry stores but fresh as well, food cooking both on the hob and in the oven, new uniforms arriving, general cleaning of the boat plus being measured all in the few days we had before the owners arrived and the race crew time has been short and the internet connection useless… ! I failed to mention the fact of organizing the hotel for the race crew and restaurants for dinners during the practice days and regatta

Now at 5.30 am on the first day of racing I have to catch up and write what has been going on. We went out yesterday with some new race crew for this regatta, stolen from some other yachts but who are all friends and keen to sail on the boat which is great. as per normal an early rise to do my Tibetans, and make the coffee, juice and prep breakfast before I walked up to the market in Santa Catalina where I have bread rolls, croissants and pan au chocolate ordered for the regatta days, and also where I met one of the crew to help me pick up the ice as well. I had hoped to have the car but the keys remained in the owners hands the previous night so blew my schedule out… however saying that at least I had a good walk in the morning as well

Sandwiches were roasted smoked salmon with dill, capers, lemon, cream cheese and salad or Jamon with the cream cheese mix and salad and they certainly were demolished after a long morning of tacking, gybing and tacking up wind and downwind, before we started again and we finally came in quite late in the afternoon after a successful time on the water with people aware of how the boat sails and what position they will play onboard, whether on the foredeck or after guard for this regatta.

Now I am just considering what I am going to do today.. roast chicken sandwiches with aioli and salad is on the menu but I have to get going as again I need to get up to the market to pick up the bread and ice before breakfast and get them back here on time that I can jump in a shower and make the sandwiches before the boys arrive from the hotel and we leave the dock.. it is all about timing !

There are so many familiar faces on the dock here which is great and when we do get to go ashore I cannot walk down the dock without catching up with friends who live and work on the island and having not been here with the new boat it is of course time to show her off a bit … when we get the chance !

But now … time to get on .. I look at my watch and 5.45 means get going girl there is no time to slack off as I need to get my walking shoes on in 45 and get up to the market…. sometimes wish there could be a few more hours in each day and especially in summer when the days are so long!

I need to write down the cake I made … Hummingbird cake which really is a banana cake with pineapple and a few spices with a cream cheese topping and certainly did not last an hour onboard the boat yesterday … consumed with gusto !