Sushi for dinner

Porto Cervo, Sardegna to Palma, Mallorca

The owner, his wife and friends left the yacht mid morning on Sunday to fly back to Germany with friends which meant we could drop the lines fuel up and start our delivery of 360 miles to Palma.

Numerous bills had to be paid and the baker was waiting on the dock for me so as I waved bye-bye I walked over to him and saw my bill for the last week which I had to pay before we left.

Gabriele, who I had introduced this time to a few other chefs brings my bread early in the morning so that I have time to organise my sandwiches daily. I started to use him last year and now hear that he opening up a new shop up in Abbiadori if anyone is interested… Making all kinds of Italian breads, and also pizza and focaccia which we all enjoy. He kindly offered to take me up to the supermarket in Abbiadori to pick up a few things that we need food wise and also pay the bill up there before we leave as they were concerned I might leave the dock without paying …. Which I certainly could not do.

Speaking in Italian, mine which is basic, but which he said is good, we had an interesting conversation about how he has been watching the regatta when he could and he also compare the chefs around that he knows making a comment I find quite funny. They are all so quiet or stressed and you are the only one that bounces around down the gangplank with a smile on your face everyday even though you have so much to do you are always happy… Loving the job you do means you are happy … He was amazed that we had so many people racing with us and next time I must get him out on the boat to have a look at where I prep all my sandwiches with the bread he bakes daily for me !

Finally fueled up we left the dock and start the passage to Mallorca together with a few other boats, almost racing again over to Mallorca this time just with regular crew who are all shattered from a busy week or two and then of course some recovering from a drinking on the last night at the pub ! Engines on and away we go …

Early morning we lost a lewer to a huge fish .. Well that is the call but shortly afterwards Kade the Mate and I were talking about the sushi we were going to eat in Palma when the lines went again and we brought the revs down on the engine to slow her down and started to wind in the  reels… Yes fresh fish ! Sadly we lost one but Kade pulled in a large tuna which we bled and then I filleted ready for sushi, sashimi, ceviche or to marinade for dinner tonight. It was a big tuna with firm pink flesh once she was bled…. All of us salivating on the thought of dinner !

Marinated spiced Tuna

2 cups fresh tuna diced into very small pieces

1/2 tsp chilli paste or 1 tsp Tabasco sauce

1 tablesp white sesame seeds

1/2 tablesp black sesame seeds

1 tablesp chopped chives

1 tablesp chopped coriander

4 spring onions chopped finely  (Scallions)

4 tomatoes skinned, seeded and diced, similar in size to the tuna

1 tablesp sesame oil

2 tablesp soy sauce

Juice of 2 limes

Juice of 3 cm piece of grated ginger

1 cucumber, chilled and skinned, sliced into whole rounds

Mix the tuna with the chili paste, sesame seeds, chives, coriander, spring onions and tomatoes in a glass bowl.  Then stir in the rest of the ingredients tasting as you do this. Add more soy or chilli sauce depending on how strong you like the flavor but try not to kill the tuna

Place a teaspoon of the mixture on to cucumber discs and serve chilled