Last day of racing started well with some breeze but ended in no breeze, and with frustrations as we had been doing so well, but ended up in a dead patch before the last mark meant that not only did we catch up with the racing fleet but also the cruising fleet behind us caught up with us and so our great lead was taken away from us again…

The sandwiches and chocolate brownies were out before we docked and eaten quickly whilst we all reflected on how the race had been sailed… and as we docked  I delivered more chocolate brownies to our friends on Y3K much to the disgust of INDIO who felt they should also be given some chocolate brownies… maybe I should make a small business out of this and start baking cakes and selling them to the regatta yachts once they come in after sailing !  A thought that has occurred many times !!

Oh well, a fun regatta and now all we can focus on is getting to the next one starting in 10 days in Palma Mallorca ! After finishing yesterday and tying up on the dock we filled the boat with all the things we remove to race with… all our spare parts, extra lines, swimming ladders, and more… the van was stacked to the brim with things that we just do not need onboard for racing and will only have to come back off again once we arrive in Palma!

Prize giving was held up in the Piazza by the yacht club where everyone met up quickly to listen in as to who won, and then the owners were allowed to attend a meeting on race ratings which we feel quite strongly about as we consider ourselves to be rated incorrectly and hence after this meeting we find ourselves having to be re – measured in Palma…. to my joy I have to weigh all the espresso cups and teaspoon, plates, sheets, pillow cases etc.. and they are minor !Does anyone realise how much food we carry onboard for the summer…. I dare not tell them otherwise I will be emptying out all my pasta, flour, sugar, chocolate lockers! Gulp not a thought I like…! But what has to be done has to be done for our rating

On our final night we ate out with the crew and owners before saying our bye byes as some crew fly early in the morning back to the USA, or Germany, our Italian Bowman already left on the ferry back to Genova with a list in his pocket of things to bring from Italy for the next regatta ….! Others stay until later on today and the owners leave with guests back to Germany after breakfast. The younger crew all ended up in the pub chatting away with other crews off other yachts and as I cruised around the crowd chatting away I remembered… oh another breakfast to do tomorrow so better get home and be prepared as not only is their breakfast but there are plenty of bills to organise and pay and then move onto the next project ahead… what sandwiches to make … what cakes to bake and what cookies are going to be served in the next regatta…. ! oh and now I realise I will have to make canapes to

Until I can next get online with some photos of the last event, I have to get offline the mooring lines are being thrown we are off to Palma together with about 8 other yachts so we could almost be back racing again…