The skies this morning at 5.30 were black behind the yacht and clear on the bow… quite a contrast but the wind is light so being able to do my yoga again on deck as the boat was quite calm in the marina the day has started well, and I can only hope that it stays this way and we get to go and race again…..

Coffee is made, fruit is chopped and ready to eat, the juice is squeezed and being chilled, the oven is on to warm the bread through and the lettuces sit in the cool water being washed ready to go into roasted turkey breast, Camembert or Taleggio sandwiches with a homemade peach chutney … lets hope the boys like these ones ! For coffee and cakes they will have lemon poppy seed cakes and gingerbread sailor cookies… this time I must to get my photos uploaded…

Well the day has started and I cannot continue to write my thoughts down now as I have to get ready to finish off breakfast prep, and be ready for the bread to arrive and start the sandwiches… until later with news of our racing !