Another beautiful sunrise with such flat calm seas, just small ripples glide over it as the sun slowly rises and I make my Tibetans… what cake shall I make today ..? Yesterdays cake not only fed the crew onboard, as there were chocolate chip cookies with it but also another yacht sailing in the regatta ! Sharing is caring ….

Yesterdays tuna sandwiches in rather crunchy grand durro bread went down well, until the deck crew announced that the crumbs are not a good thing and please can I find different bread for the next couple of days, so a frantic email was sent to my baker…. and today they will have softer lighter panini with blackened chicken, garlic mayonnaise and salad. Not sure that there will be many left at the sound of that filling. I baked the chicken last night as the boys were cleaning up the deck and there were plenty of comments… what are you cooking? … it smells delicious!

Our training day with a few ups and downs…! Not only sails but with hydraulic leaks tensions were high as we were sailing up wind, and suddenly no power to the controls of the main sail, which with our mast of 60m, means we have an emergency on our hands. All hands on deck and below searching for the hydraulic leak, as at that stage we had no control of our sails onboard, and we broached a couple of times before the engineer found the problem and together with our permanent deck crew solved the problem whilst on deck they managed to drop our foresaw and calm the situation of sailing down.

Sadly up and running again we had lost the wind so came into the Marina di Porto Cervo and emptied the boat of stores for the race days.

Having booked a restaurant for our race crew they all left around 6-7pm to get back to their apartments and change, whilst we found another problem on the boat and I was told … we have 5 for dinner, ( plus crew of another 5 !) Having solved the problem the crew ate chicken fajitas which always goes down well as I know they love these and for our guests, Asparagus soup with crispy prosciutto and shaved parmesan, followed by seared tuna with sesame on a bed of noodles tossed in soy, sherry and honey served with ginger, garlic baby spinach. They finished with peaches baked in Marsala with vanilla topped with an amaretti cookie.

Today we go back out and have a long day training with all the boys back onboard, so another 65-70 sandwiches are required, and now as my mind is in full action a chocolate tiramisu cake is in order for this afternoons coffee after sailing, but as I like to be a day ahead I need to make another cake for tomorrow so having cut up the fruit for breakfast, made the coffee, spooned out the jams, cut up the cheese, taken the hams out of their wrap, I can work on another cake… maybe carrot. Then I must bake the gingerbread men and ladies for later on today as well.

No time for a recipe today there is too much going on!